Zip Code Sale

Hey everyone! I am so excited to participate in my first zip code sale! This is how it works...
You only pay your zip code!
Step 1- Send us your zip code, for example, the zip code 30114 would only pay $9 for their mystery bundle (3+0+1+1+4)
Step 2- Send us your email, this is how we will be invoicing you so pleaseeee make sure you keep your eye out for it
Step 3- What sizes are you?
Step 4- Tell us about some of your favorite sizes that we carry. We will try to factor these in while packaging your mystery bundles.
Step 5- Pay your invoice and wait for your mystery bundle to arrive!
All invoices will include an additional $6 shipping fee
Zip code sales are final sale and all products are nonrefundable.
Use this link to get a Zip Code Mystery Bundle